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AK Structures offers a fresh experience in the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of airframe structures. In addition to repair, our Structures capabilities encompass everything from manufacturing and engineering to paint coat matching and quality control – making us a one-stop-shop for all of your structural needs.


Our conveniently centralized location, and ability to repair and manufacture onsite, allows us to offer quick turnaround time while cutting costs for your company.


Our technicians team has an extensive experience in aircraft repair and overhaul services, offering the guarantee that every job is top quality.

Wide Coverage

We service commercial, military and corporate aircraft. Everything from commercial leaders like Airbus, to business jets such as Cessna’s Citation family.

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Our track record confirms proven success taking projects to completion, with in-house resources supporting each stage of qualification, manufacturing, integration, and after-sales support. With this expertise and our experience, we can promptly tailor processes to produce exceptional parts using the right materials to achieve the right performance.

Our manufacturing, engineering and quality inspection services make us the one-stop shop for all of your structural needs.