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Our repair and overhaul capabilities cover airframe and engine accessories for all makes and models of air cycle machines (ACM's), air starters, fuel heaters, heat exchangers, oil coolers, oil tanks, refrigeration packs, lube/oil scavenge pumps, water separators, pneumatic valves, electro pneumatic valves and electro mechanical valves, linear and rotary actuators, air conditioning fans, cabin temperature and anti-ice pressure controllers.

Air Cycle Machines

Cooling Turbines

Dual Temp Control Valves

Fuel Heaters

Heat Exchangers

Military Valves

Outflow Valves

Pre Coolers



PMA and DLA Parts and AKA Repairs

Click here for AeroKool Aviation’s list of approved PMA and DLA parts. Contact our in-house engineers to discuss your specific component failure issues for which AKA may already have DER approved repairs, or can assist you in creating solutions. Call our 24-hour hotline: 888.560.6153 now!

Component Exchange

Component spares and exchange programs are available. Please contact us to discuss how you may participate.

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